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At Love Adoption Life, we are founded on the idea that every adoption is unique, and our Adoption Coordinators are here to make the process of understanding adoption in Jacksonville and Florida as easy as possible! Learn more about what makes our adoption coordinators here at Love Adoption Life so special and some of the most expertized and sought after for adoption in Jacksonville and Florida!


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Senior Adoption Coordinator

Jamie was hired on with Adoption Life in July 2016 when she relocated from Kennesaw, Georgia to Jacksonville, Florida. Jamie is a former law enforcement officer in the state of Georgia and during her husband’s retirement from the Army, Jamie decided that she would like something a little more flexible to spend time with her family. “Seeing the reactions of the adoptive families as they are holding their baby that they have been longing for is so rewarding” is something she has been saying since she has started with Love Adoption Life.

Jamie has 2 children and has been married to her husband for 12 years. After achieving her dream of being a police officer for 5 years in Georgia, she finds her role at Love Adoption Life gratifying.

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