Paid Adoption | Can I Get Paid For Giving My Baby Up For Adoption?

Are you pregnant and unsure whether to choose adoption or abortion?

An unplanned pregnancy is always a surprise to the expectant mother. Becoming pregnant at the wrong time may seem terrible, but there are options besides abortion. There are many families are unable to conceive and have turned to adoption for the solution. Adoptive families are carefully screened before they are placed on the adoption lists.

Will you receive money for giving a baby up for adoption?

There are monetary benefits for assistance during pregnancy and immediately after if a woman chooses adoption over abortion. You will be providing a loving family with a child to love, a child they are unable to bring into this world. Abortion may cost you money, put your life in danger (PTSD is very real), and ends the life of the unborn child. Adoption provides you paid health insurance, food, and housing during your pregnancy, costs you nothing, and saves a life. Under Florida law a biological mom has the right to have continued contact with their child. They can also protect their privacy.

Compensation varies depending on the arrangements agreed upon between the birth mother and the potential adoptive family. Our team will help you receive all you are entitled to, but please keep in mind that Florida state laws limit the dollar amounts a birth mother can receive for adopting out a newborn. This is to help prevent the illegal selling of babies and to make sure babies are placed in properly screened homes.

The costs associated with your pregnancy are covered completely and, in many cases, for as long as 6 or more weeks after the birth of the baby.

These paid expenses may include:

  • The total cost of decent housing such as your rent, electricity, water and other utilities
  • Telephone or cell phone service
  • Groceries, including bathroom and personal hygiene items
  • Weather appropriate clothes, coats, jackets, shoes, and boots
  • Paid health insurance to cover the birth mother’s medical expenses
  • Reliable transportation to and from doctor visits, consultations, and other necessary travel

Consulting with an attorney experienced in adoption proceedings will not cost you as free legal services are provided during the entire adoption process to protect you, the baby, and the adoptive family. There are many variables to consider when placing your baby for adoption: monetary compensation, open or closed records, duration of compensation, health care expenses, and the list goes on.

How will legal services benefit you?

  • No cost to you throughout the adoption process
  • Protects your rights as a birth mother
  • Establishes legal documentation pertaining to the amount and types compensation
  • Details outlining the length of time compensation will continue after the birth of the baby
  • Contract terms detailing if adoption is closed or open

Speak with the adoption attorney openly about any concerns or questions you may have. You also have the option to help choose who adopts your baby and whether or not you will be an active part of the baby’s life.

Making a list of questions to ask before beginning the adoption process proves to be an invaluable tool in making sure all details are covered and all your questions are answered.

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